nooa strategie militara amera: shpaga

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nooa strategie militara amera: shpaga

Mesaj de calugaru' vaxile » 27 Oct 2009, 23:43

asa, deci armia amera, inarmata cu echipamente de miliarde de paray foloseste ultimu' racnet in materie de strategie militara impotriva "tirorishtilor". noo, nu e vorba de drone! noo, nici de arme neconventionale! nono, nooa strategie militara iues este bazata pe ... shpaga!! amerii le dau shpaga la talibaineri ca sa nu mai dea cu bombardeaua!

deci doctrina "noi nu negociem cu teroristii" a fost perfectionata: "noi nu negociem cu teroristii, le dam o shpaga fixa"


US to pay Taliban to switch sides
Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. Photo: October 2009
Taliban militants have stepped up their attacks against the US-led forces

The US military in Afghanistan is to be allowed to pay Taliban fighters who renounce violence against the government in Kabul.

The move is included in a defence bill which President Obama is set to sign.

Such payments have already been widely used by US commanders in Iraq, but it is the first time the system is being formally adopted in Afghanistan.

Early on Wednesday, Afghan troops were engaged in a shootout with suspected militants at a house in Kabul.

A day earlier eight US soldiers were killed in bomb attacks in southern Afghanistan.

The deaths make October the deadliest month for American forces in the eight-year war in Afghanistan.

President Obama is yet to decide whether to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan.

Mr Obama has said he will not risk their lives "unless it is absolutely necessary".

The latest attacks come amid heightened tension in Afghanistan in the run-up to the second round of a presidential election marred by widespread fraud in favour of incumbent President Hamid Karzai.

'Re-intergration' programmes

The Commander's Emergency Response Programme, or Cerp, was set up to give the US military the means to clear roads, dig wells and provide other urgent humanitarian assistance to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, the BBC's Richard Lister in Washington says.

US soldiers in Afghanistan (file)
Foreign forces in Afghanistan are sustaining heavier casualties

But in Iraq, the money can also be given to insurgents provided they switch sides.

Backers of the Cerp scheme say it enabled some 90,000 formerly hostile Iraqis to form local militias and protect their towns from militants, our correspondent says.

He adds that now the same authority is being given to US commanders in Afghanistan.

A clause in the annual defence appropriations bill says they can use the money to support the "re-integration into Afghan society" of those who have renounced violence against the Afghan government.

Although £1.3bn (£691m) has been authorised for the fund as a whole, no specific sum has been allocated to the re-integration programmes, our correspondent says.

The Senate Armed Services Committee chairman, Senator Carl Levin, has said he envisages the money being used to pay former Taliban fighters to protect their communities.


Re: nooa strategie militara amera: shpaga

Mesaj de alexandru » 28 Oct 2009, 04:14

Nu e nimic de rîs, în definitiv americanii nu fac decît sa aplice doctrina Berlusconi

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Re: nooa strategie militara amera: shpaga

Mesaj de Emil » 28 Oct 2009, 09:08

Stiti de ce le da lovele? Inainte cind talibanii aveau puterea in Afganistan nu iesea un gram de heroina de acolo. De cind au intrat amerlocii Afganistanu ie cel mai mare producator de heroina din lumea asta. Cum va iegzblicati voi treaba asta?

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Re: nooa strategie militara amera: shpaga

Mesaj de Radu » 28 Oct 2009, 14:08

pentru ca talibanii interzisesera cultivarea macului, iar dupa caderea lor taranii au redescoperit plusvaloarea marfii asteia. amricanilor pe convine si lor asa sa o mina o spale pe cealalta

alta poanta tare e ca s-a aflat acum ca cei 10 soldati francezi care au fost omoriti in Afganistan au mierlit-o pentru ca italienii pe care i-au inlocuit au "uitat" sa le spuna ca ei ii ungeau pe sefii talibani cu zeci de mii de dolari pe luna

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Re: nooa strategie militara amera: shpaga

Mesaj de Emil » 28 Oct 2009, 15:26

Io nu pot sa inteleg totusi, ce dreaqu cauta aia acolo? mai ales muiedejii. dupa cum se stie mujahedinii talibanii aia nu au putut fi infrinti de nimeni...mai ales de amerloci care n-au infrint pe nimeni in ultimii zeci de ani cu totata armia lor de mii de miliarde de para.

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